Evermore, Ever Mine

To the song that has me imprisoned in love and is often my only escape from world,

you touch me slow, kiss my hollow breaths
placing a finger right where it hurts
aching the life out of me, but for what it’s worth
your whispers grow on me ever so softly
yearning for more, i scream and beg and wallow

mere din khushi se jhoome, gaayein raatein
pal pal mujhe dubaayein jaate jaate

you make me shed rivers of joy & laugh at my misery
like it’s a plan all along to have me visit bitter-sweet memory
wouldn’t you rather knife my gut like a decent killer?
the unforgiving ways have me caught up with life, time and again

haaye aise main nihaaroon, teri aarti utaaroon
tere naam se jude hain saare naate

giving in to prayer of love, summoning the gods
for the underlying harmonium with holy awakening
only gets lucid enough as you let thyself consume in love
my devotion is yours to blame, my heart, your keepsake

yeh naram naram nasha hai, badhta jaaye
koi pyaar se ghunghatiya deta uthaaye

the restraint will only go so far, why bother at all?
the indulgence leads me to up above and farther away
i often see my beloved there, at not much distance
with his hands in the air but his soul not quite there

main toh teri, tu hai mera

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Love Letters

a postcard was dropped by today
and with that the trail of
my beloved’s sweet-scented aches.
the mailman has me recognised by now
for a woman who writes to his darling
and longs for his return every hour of the day.
the constant yearning for three years
has made me ancient for my heart
can only hold so much torment.
but with gushing emotions nevertheless
i ran up the spiralled staircase and
silently sat next to my candle-lit desk.
this mellowed evening had suddenly
withered all birds into their homes,
lanes growing less chaotic and
the sky above watching in wonder.
he writes to me —
“a beautiful man in my neighbourhood
plays the classical melodies on flute,
specially the yaad piya ki aaye thumri
every evening lullabying the sunset to sleep,
the birds to dream and me to fall in the abyss
of reminiscing your sweet voice.
to hear the waves crashing by the shore
and watch the sun slyly go,
i might have turned grey aching for
the sound of your anklets and
a glimpse of my darling as she’d move to & fro.
we’ve been in a debatable conversation,
the night sky and i.
for what could be more enchanting or
unfathomably darker than your eyes?
wouldn’t you want to come here, my love
and settle the bet like there’s no lies?
but when i rest into the seemingly long night,
my head floats around the memories
of watching you watch me through the mirror
with coy smiles and suggestive gestures,
eventually longing for every inch of you
turning my nights into longest restless hours
my dear, the ever changing weather here
takes me on a nostalgic ride every now & then
for when it pours, my heart cries a song of its own
and when it’s fall, wearing my heart on sleeve i shed a few walls”
— the candle light started to wither after all
and the cuckoo came out of her home
as what it seemed like was the time of dawn
here i was, six years later too
re-reading your letters anew.