That’s So Raven

petrified by its sheer hideousness
that flew across the block
only to sincerely land upon
the corner of our window space
for the nest of pigeons’ offspring
was evidently its go to prey

with the eyes mysteriously darker
than a new moon night
and an open beak attracting attention
with its loathsome caws
the cries of so-called common raven,
disturbingly villain-like
were about evoking whimpers
in the home of little birdlings

of being regarded as an evil omen
from ages and ages ago
and relevantly so, for its dripping negative conundrum
associating with all-things sorcery
hiding beneath the furry coat

its questionable size larger than
a usual crow’s and flapping wings
instilling horror among the civilised nestlings
and humans alike
frightened by the witchcraft
in a disguise of northern creature
sunset-reflecting barks and branches
shadowed like an eclipse

and as the appearance of dusky hour
and illuminating stars rose
camouflaging the terror of a being
so wildly monitoring the bird
now stepping closer to casually kill
a life with its dagger-like mouth

vigorously poking and piercing
the flesh within a fleeting second
spilled crimson on the earth,
each drop reasonably suffering to fall
with an ending so tragic for the wailing bird
residing now in after-life
mourning the loss dearly but none would sing a eulogy