Buy The Damn Sky

thermocol dream
in a loose satin attire
what good is wishful thinking?
glue it with a brown broken button
onto floating realism to be on par
would you still frown upon your star
for never being in your favour
or running out of charm
mindless wander around the corner
neglecting thoughts, avoiding tall trees
it’s a relief to be human
to be able to dream
let not your inhibition decide
the colour of your sky
let not other dreamers define
the pace of your flight

13 thoughts on “Buy The Damn Sky

  1. Good one.
    Your words resulted in following scribble ..

    Bawra mann,
    Dhoye jaa raha umeedon ko bojha,
    Tu hai kya aur kyun hai, khudko ko kyun samajhaaye
    Naasamjhi ki talaash mein,
    Pate par likhi sadak chhod bas kho jaa,
    Thoda awaara ban…

    Sounds weird i know. But still

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha this sounds like something Ved would say in movie Tamasha (I’m not sure if you’ve watched it) but it’s sort of relevant here. Thank you for reading my work and I’m glad you could make something out of it.


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