A Piece For Peace

To the man playing flute at every sunset hour,

you stay around, in my own vicinity
far from my knowledge of your name & face
but probably in the closest proximity

for i often am bewitched by your
flute playing shenanigans at every day break
and long for the meditative sounds while the
cooing of cuckoo is a tad too much to take

it’s the saddest symphony that you play
either graving the gray old grief only so
you can put it to rest again, or you too are
a person easily enticed by the sad stairway

a head full of curly hair i hope and the
indistinct facial features says my imagination
working a full time job with the cheapest band
of flock of birds with their stupid citation

regardless of when the mystical tunes
hit my eardrums making peace with its tricks
gingerly caressing all my sorrows and heart
like nothing was ever broken to begin to fix

and for that instance, that very instance
i know no pain in the world
i know no wars dismantling the system
i know no materialism bringing down the poor
i know no hatred between the men of colour

but i know of love,
love that rises above all and heals like no other

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