Far-Fetched Forever

brushing the crimson off my long face and
letting my bedridden heart breathe for once,
what possibly could’ve been
a nightmare of forever
had instead been the throes
of passionate love dance,
a forlorn attempt over and again
for an ethereality
but a freckle between us
incessantly being a bitch in trance,
gathering the ruins & rubble
of this lifeless show we put
if i were to audition again
for the game of hearts
i would say no fucking chance!

16 thoughts on “Far-Fetched Forever

      1. there is, indeed. and there always will be, but one still wouldn’t lose the hope to find one someday.


      2. also you started writing rather regularly, like after this lockdown thing. where were you lost usse pehle?


      3. I wasn’t lost per se haha, just didn’t seem to get enough time to sit back and write, with the job and the life outside of blog. Lockdown has been beneficial in that way, still working from home but somehow making time to write as well, thanks for the constant motivation!


      4. oh i see. vaise you do write rather beautiful, when you’re like in that zone. you’ve a lot of potential. you should explore this side to you, more so now than ever as this will help you cope with all that you might be going through.


      5. Well thank you for the concern, although I’m really fine and not sure what gives you the idea of me going through things? Anyway – I’ll try to keep writing!

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