Texture Of Hope

listen closely for they recite sacred prayers
standing atop a mountain so densely covered in palette of greens, sky painting the hues of blues and hymns of birds in their unisonous melody

had me believing in fabricated tales of hopefulness that i often whisper to myself, how exquisitely beautiful is the enigma of nature, a lot better than a human mind’s complexity

listen closely for their swaying has a sound
the gusting wind through the fields of gold and yellow, unbridled by any force, drawing silhouettes over the canvas of my face with mystical serenity

and to meander around in the arms of earthy smell with the trees of height reaching the skyline like it’s no big deal, but to feel like a sand granule in the grandiose of nature’s being paradoxically

listen closely for the pitter-patter can heal
the whimpering slow sound of rain meeting the dead leaves and muddy soil, capable of traversing you through therapeutic music needed about moderately

throwing some heavenly light from in-between the thick branches, like the corners of my house illuminating in the festival of Diwali maintaining a peaceful aura to work for us favourably

listen closely for cracks in wall leaks light
amidst the exhaustingly frenzied times as these, a wee bit of hopeful picture painted in acrylic of a world held on pause outside, is the kind of healing needed constantly

12 thoughts on “Texture Of Hope

    1. Hello fellow atheist, I don’t think they do really. I like to believe it invokes some sort of power and restores faith to help you keep sane. The world is as it is a mess.


  1. Powerful. Speaks in its tenderness alone. I have been going through your works and they are so vivid. You have the gift of wonderful imagery and I feel your poetry brushes like whispering notes on skin. Makes me think over so many things once again. Thank you for that!

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