Mahogany Soul

Enchanted by the trivialities of life, be it the gleam of sharpest sunlight or a demon dancing in the darkest shadow,

My heart finds its solace in the quietness of lullabies in the overwhelming mediocrity.

Opulence or the likes of it never quite fed my enticement, it was the spoonful of moments that had my universe shimmying of sugar high.

A soundtrack with a few seconds of intense joy like I’ve lived a million lives.

It’s in the heavenly abode such as this, that my heart resides.

Piece of art more likely the cinema that capacitates to consume me whole,

For my life is but a devotion to these characters I’ve forever resonated with.

The mahogany and rustic shade in my soul speaks for the authenticity in its most vintage form,

For this is not the era I belong to, I’m long forgotten and long turned grey.

9 thoughts on “Mahogany Soul

  1. A magnificent post indeed. You never fail to impress me with your words Khwahish. Keep it up 👍

    P. S. – I was on a slight hiatus, so wasn’t going through anyone’s post. Looking forward to reading more posts in the near future. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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