Tragic But Poetic

this poetic sadness creeping on my insides keeps distressing me

for my inhibitions are here to stay and the darkness calls out for me

every single night and its whispers are gloomy enough to throw me

into an abyss of nothingness and leading me to a void of false hopes

where it assures me things will change, that they will turn paths in my favour

but why should they?

why is it that sadness cannot be comprehended as a mundane feeling that a person is satisfied with having?

today, i choose to be sad

i’ll probably be sadder tomorrow and i may cry my eyes out the day after

but i choose this feeling,

just like any other

to feel the aura of desolation and to have it consume you

may not be the best thing to do but sure is a feeling worth catching,

just like any other

13 thoughts on “Tragic But Poetic

  1. pain is not an anchor that oh shall stay put. you will be paddling on your way, to the brighter side, all in time, leaving the rest to drown. it’s but a phase.
    you’ve potential. i liked reading you. there’s something about your words. i like it 🙂

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  2. True grace comes at a painful price… Your lovely wonders made me recall one of my own poems called broken wings. I wrote it when I was at my lowest in life. According to your convenience do read it sometime, would like to know your outlook regarding that. ☺️
    Coming back to your poem though yes that’s what poetic souls like you do I guess… i.e. Making lyrical magic out out of something tragic. Wonferful post indeed 👏. On a humanistic level, hope everything is alright at your end. 😊

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    1. Broken Wings was a really good one, Sidharth. I loved reading it – there’s something about the times you face in life. It even shows honesty in your work. On another note, yes everything’s great at my end and hoping likewise? This post was actually sitting under Drafts for over a year until now.

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      1. I’d say it’s just another day in paradise, sometimes when we aren’t able to conquer some of our demons, we learn to dance with them & we take them in our stride. But yea more or less everything is great at my end. Sorry for the late reply was busy with some work at my end.
        I look forward to reading more of the stuff you have in your drafts. I can see your blog is still in the process of blooming, please do let me know if you need any assistance in making your blog grow. 😊


  3. Beautiful and also true I think. Sometimes I think we need to let ourselves feel the inner feelings of sadness as it pours over us like warm water in the bath. I generally feel better after I allow my tears to run down my face softening the harsh hurt that caused the sadness to begin with. Wise words thank you for sharing. Love 💕 Joni

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