To the person who’ll always have a place in my heart no matter what,

And that’s when I exhaled a coy and melodramatic sigh, when they asked me what exactly was it about him?

But oh him. Only I could know how much of an understatement would it be if I had to cage him in a poetry.

He looked like a fresh vintage romance on a tropical beach with summer swaying by the palm trees like it was an onset to a love song.

And the dripping mystery of his words as he spoke, like an artist leaving its magical trail just enough to have them lingered on, will be the end of you.

Reminiscing how his presence has always made me fall to pieces of stardust, but beckoning him the one last time just for my share of eternity.

He looked nothing short of the soul of all the poetries, I’ve ever bled my ink for.

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