Contrasting Colours

a woman for her stature, seemingly as

little as a birdie just out of her nest

but her demeanour quite an impression

of a boldly wild beast.

she dressed in a velvet textured body

in the most poised way there was,

almost mistaking for the swords

she ruggedly drew out of her mouth.

her apparent improperness was too loud

for creating a societal impression,

little did she care about fitting in

in this dramatic world as it is.

embracing her composure at times

while, winning hearts with her

soothing chaotic disturbance.

poetry and art were no casualness,

for she would bleed the ink on page

if that’s what it took.

she had known the redness of blood

and the dreamy pale yellows,

she chose the life of black & white

because she lives for metaphors

and tragic paradoxes.

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