There is no other way to put it but I have changed. If I had to go back in time, I wouldn’t change any bit of it. Because I’m sure, the puzzle of my life would eventually fall in place. All that seems like a state of disarray right now, will turn into a life with less chaos, I hope. These two years couldn’t be better described as a rollercoaster ride for me. A journey of melancholic state of mind to sheer contentment within no seconds. But isn’t it the uncanny paradox of life after all? From a naive little woman who lacked confidence and wisdom to a strong headed and slightly extrovert person that I’m now, you could say a lot has changed over time but except for the fact that I’m still little. Although jokes apart, twenty years of life are supposedly enough to give you hell lot of experiences and in time I have learnt. I’ve met people that I wish I hadn’t and prioritised them more than they deserved. But again, I’ve also been a sassy and mean fuckin prick to people. I’ve been sad in a bar that was blaring loud music but all I could think about was how did it happen to me. But again, I’ve also drank excessively too much and danced with people I don’t know of, so that I could forget my mere existence. Which I should suggest is a solution to most of my problems, alcohol. I’ve been in an unrequited love and it has been exhaustingly saddening. But again, it has taken the most out of me and I won’t regret it one bit. I hate the fact that I make no time and effort to write poetry anymore, because honestly it was the only good thing in my life. But again, I’ve started living and going out more while connecting with new people and I’m clearly not apologetic about it. Sometimes you wish you could write your own story and make it happen the way you want. But again, a monotonous life is not too surprising and who wouldn’t like bit of a change every now and then?

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