Musical Lust

running on the music and

night highs of intoxicated love,

consuming the mere psych of

my whole existence,

there you were

just looking at your phone

having your drink and

all the mundane things

i knew you were worth the last shot

you don’t get the precious things that easy,

building the courage to confess yet again

amidst my mind almost tipsy

shuffling through the tracks,

i waited patiently for that one song

observing the strings as if echoing in our veins,

nostalgically reminding of our firsts,

the rhythmic pace so smooth like

it’s the only song our hearts have ever heard,

with every tempo high and low

we make do with the adversities that ever came across,

lyrics you wrote on my back with

your fingertips as if unfolding every mystery in the world

the spell you cast on me tonight is

as good as Adele’s song,

so let’s skip the talking because

i’d be more than happy to live a night

engulfed in a lie than the harsh truth

of us never happening.

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