The Demise

I remember sitting in the car, clenching my fist, holding onto the passenger seat as firmly as I could. It wasn’t really out of sadness alone, but mélange of emotions ran into my mind at that instant. There was barely any distinct thought prevailing in my mind. Everything mostly started to fade away into the traffic lights and car horns, as my eyes witnessed a blurry vision. My heartbeat was faster than usual, only hoping the news I’ve been told is false. “We’re here”, my uncle said as he drove us right outside the hospital. I didn’t want to get in. I didn’t want to know the truth. I’ve always been a person who would rather ignore an unfavorable situation than face it. But here I knew I couldn’t run away and had to face it all, come what may. Whilst I was walking to his room, my eyes were already beginning to produce tears and my palms induced sweat. It was a tranquilized ambience in there. Though I was engulfed in my own gushing emotional storm that was inside me. From the main entrance to the room he was in, felt like the longest walk of my life but the distance wasn’t getting any shorter. It had to end somewhere. I reached the door with my trembling hands and opened it. There he was, lying so much at ease one could hardly tell. I could feel myself getting numb to the situation. My father was the strongest and the greatest man I knew. How could something so dreadful happen to a person as great as him? I lost him. I could see him and say that he wanted to talk to me. Talk to me about his unsaid feelings, love for his daughters, his last words to me. But if only that was possible. As I looked at his impeccable face, nothing but a walk through memory lane turned more visible. I drove that bicycle without any fear for I knew he had my back and for all that times I fell in the abyss of nothingness, he pulled me right back to the reality. He was the man who got everything best for her daughters, spoiled them with endless luxuries and what not. Motivated me through the difficult times and supported me no matter what. All the little surprises for my birthday which were not so little, all the expensive tours and the happiness that came along, all the jovial moments spent with you is something I’m going to cherish forever. “Are you okay?” a person asked me disturbing my nostalgic state of mind. How was I ever going to be okay? That’s my father on the deathbed. The occurrence of a catastrophe like this is the last thing I’d ever expect. I was in tears by now but at this moment I knew I had to be strong enough to look after my family first. My mother and sister were shattered in tears. I held them both firmly in my arms, promising how everything will be just fine. It was 4 AM when all of this happened and it felt like the longest night had finally passed but the memories did not.

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