Defying Love

My chaotic mind in a situation as uncanny as this,

Even though I try putting it into words

Will never do justice to what I’ve ever felt for you.

It’s like being mesmerized by the view of sunset and violent waves of sea from afar,

And yet being scared away by the mere thought of it engulfing you.

It’s like I spill the ink on this paper

And the words somehow still make sense, in the most sentimental way.

It’s like the myriad times that I’ve tried to drift apart from my home and still end up somewhere near your soul.

It’s like there’s a turbulent storm in the sea and the aftermath to it is you, my only soothing calmness.

It’s like the ecstatic melody that plays in the background, and I free myself as I dance to the rhythm of your footsteps.

There’s a war inside my head, that I’m trying to make peace with.

There’s a bond so strong I don’t know what to name it.

As obscure as it seems, all I know is,

I’m definitely not in love with you.

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