Oppressed Soul

oh you’re a poor little girl,

look at how naive you can be.

they can all see your scars,

and know how devastated your soul is.

playing the pretentious game

that they are, being unaware

of how terribly you need

a hand that could help,

an ear that could listen,

a calm mind to understand.

not only will that restore your faith

in humanity, but will also give you

yet another hope to live,

which you’ve been dying to get hold of.

it may not be the simplest step to take,

and things aren’t going to get easier,

the doomed darkness that you live in

is only going to engulf you in its frightening shadows.

folks that promised to stay by your side, are gradually fading away.

it’s time you coast and live up for yourself,

divulge it to them, how you aren’t a poor soul that they think you are.

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